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Medical Director

Dr. Brittni East grew up in League City, Texas where she developed a strong love of animals at a young age.  Brittni attended Texas A&M to pursue an undergraduate degree in Animal Science and then continued on to earn her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at A&M's College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.


Her love of wildlife extends to a strong desire to protect and conserve these amazing creatures.  She has spent multiple summers in South Africa assisting with game captures and translocations and rehabilitation of injured and orphaned wildlife.  Brittni has trained with incredible zoo veterinarians at White Oak, San Diego Safari Park, and Fossil Rim Wildlife Center.  As a student, Brittni studied the pharmacokinetics of flunixin megulamine (Banamine) in the white rhinoceros and started a small textile operation (Extinction is Forever) to raise money for the International Rhino Foundation.  

Since graduation, Dr. East has continued to serve both domestic and wild animals.  Brittni has years of experience with companion animals and domestic hoofstock, giving her a firm understanding of current advances in veterinary medical knowledge.  But her expertise extends well beyond domestic species.  Dr. East has worked with clients across Texas on game ranches and deer farms and in small zoos and parks.  She is actively involved in the fields of zoological medicine and exotic wildlife.

With her extensive experience and training, Dr. East can provide you the safest immobilizations and therapeutic procedures in the industry.  She looks forward to meeting you and helping with your animals.

  • Years of wildlife immobilization experience​​

  • Trained in zoological medicine at renowned facilities

    • White Oak Conservation Center​

    • Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

    • San Diego Safari Park

  • Extensive conservation work in South Africa

    • Game capture, immobilization, & translocations​

    • Rehabilitation of injured and orphaned wildlife

Professional Associations
  • American Association of Zoo Veterinarians

  • American Veterinary Medical Association

  • Exotic Wildlife Association


Iain Turner

Chief Operations Officer

Iain Turner is a wildlife biologist and the Chief Operations Officer for Exotic Wildlife Veterinary Services. Iain was born and raised in Australia where he developed an early passion for wildlife conservation. His passion led him to The University of Queensland Gatton Campus where he obtained a degree in Wildlife Science, volunteering with conservation programs including assisting with Platypus research and conservation. Following graduation his academics led him to follow his dreams to pursue wildlife conservation in Africa.


Iain spent close to a year traveling across South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe assisting with wildlife conservation research, wildlife game capture and wildlife veterinary work. Through his travels he worked with a variety of species ranging from lions and hyenas to rhinos, giraffe and elephants. During his travels in Africa, he met Dr. East and as the story would have it they had an instant connection which eventually  led to a change in career paths for Iain to move to America.


Iain continued to live and work in South Africa while he and Dr. East dated and eventually moved to America full time to work for a Helicopter Wildlife service as a wildlife biologist. While Dr. East finished veterinary school, he also worked at a private exotics facility in Spring Texas working with bears, primates, anteaters, otters, carnivores and reptiles. During this time, Iain developed a special passion for neonatal exotics care. Iain and Dr. East married in 2019 and Iain decided to move over full time to work for the company. His dedication to wildlife conservation and love of wildlife capture makes him the perfect fit for Exotic Wildlife Veterinary Services and we are grateful to have him as part of our team.

Dr. David love

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Love earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Auburn and completed a food animal internship at Texas A&M University. Dr. Love has extensive training at some of the best Zoos in the country and has managed a variety of ungulate and megavertebrate species. Dr. Love has extensive experience with megavertebtate and hoofstock management in addition to veterinary care with a special interest in critical neonates. Dr. Love is well known for his work in rhinoceros, tapirs and a variety of exotic hoofstock species.

Dr Love.jpeg

Kerigan Waibel 

Veterinary Technician

Kerigan is our lead Veterinary Technician with a passion for wildlife management and conservation. She brings a variety of skills to our team such as venipuncture, IV catheter placement, critical case management and anesthetic monitoring during chemical immobilization. She can perform a variety of diagnostic testing and is passionate about the management of all patients under her care.

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